Friday, May 31, 2013

First 100km Week!

Last week I hit my first 100km week, landing exactly on the ton at the end of a 24km long run on Sunday.

My runs for the week were:

Tue - 12.73 km @ 5:07 min/km
Wed - 17.40 km @ 5:18 min/km
Thu - 12.8 km @ 4:49 min/km
Fri - 12:00 km @ 5:10 min/km
Sat - 20.88 km @ 5:13 min/km
Sun - 24.28 km @ 5.09 min/km

This week my legs have been feeling a bit heavy, particularly at the start of each run, but I have been able to push through and maintain a reasonable pace.

As we have a function to go to tomorrow (Sat), I won't be able to run, so I have had to make up my k's with 3 x 18 km runs from Wed-Fri. Surprisingly, today's was the fastest of the three @ 5:05 min/km.

26km run on Sunday, hopefully at around 5:20 or under pace, which should take my weekly total to 104km. Even though I have been feeling a little leg-weary, I don't feel over-trained, which is in keeping with my strategy of training close to, but not at, the edge.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Training Program

One thing I noticed when I started looking at the way the better runners trained for their races, was that I clearly wasn't running often enough, long enough, or hard enough.

During the week, I would usually get in two runs of 14km and 20km at medium pace. Then my weekend runs were a 10km easy run on Saturday, followed by a long, slow run on Sunday, which topped out at 44km in the lead up to Two Bays. Often this long run (shuffle) would be up around 7:00 min/km which was getting me in the habit of running too slowly.

At the start of May I moved in to a new serviced office which has access to a gym and shower. This means I will be able to run each day at lunch time which will help me get my weekly km's up.

The other thing I decided based on research was that my weekend runs will be back-to-back long runs. I will start at 18km & 20km and gradually increase these so that eventually they would be 28km & 56km. They will be run at a consistently faster pace than my previous long runs, hopefully around 5:20/km

My weekday runs will be an easy 10km recovery on Monday, followed by 14km, 18km & 14km tempo runs Tue-Thu. These tempo runs will be run hard against the clock, attempting to constantly reduce my time. Friday will be my rest day, although I may do some cross-training in the gym.

Well after three weeks, this program is already showing significant benefits. My time for my mid-week 14km has already dropped by nearly a minute per km. I ran my two long runs on the weekend easily under 5:20/km, and felt comfortable while doing it.

To run Two Bays in January in 5 hours and 10 minutes, I will need to maintain a 5:32/km pace, so as I increase my long runs, I cannot let my pace drop. Hopefully the additional hills on the course and my training taper will cancel each other out.
So far, so good.