Friday, May 31, 2013

First 100km Week!

Last week I hit my first 100km week, landing exactly on the ton at the end of a 24km long run on Sunday.

My runs for the week were:

Tue - 12.73 km @ 5:07 min/km
Wed - 17.40 km @ 5:18 min/km
Thu - 12.8 km @ 4:49 min/km
Fri - 12:00 km @ 5:10 min/km
Sat - 20.88 km @ 5:13 min/km
Sun - 24.28 km @ 5.09 min/km

This week my legs have been feeling a bit heavy, particularly at the start of each run, but I have been able to push through and maintain a reasonable pace.

As we have a function to go to tomorrow (Sat), I won't be able to run, so I have had to make up my k's with 3 x 18 km runs from Wed-Fri. Surprisingly, today's was the fastest of the three @ 5:05 min/km.

26km run on Sunday, hopefully at around 5:20 or under pace, which should take my weekly total to 104km. Even though I have been feeling a little leg-weary, I don't feel over-trained, which is in keeping with my strategy of training close to, but not at, the edge.