Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Enforced Break

Well, I ended up easing off quite a bit more than I planned. A combination of a weekend away with friends, followed by a trip interstate to see my client, then picking up a head cold from the kids, meant that my mileage dropped right off over the past two weeks, running only 37 & 28 kilometres.

Ultimately though, it seems like this has been a blessing in disguise, allowing my body to freshen right up. So much so, that I might make this a regular thing. Maybe not two weeks, but a week of low mileage every 4 weeks or so could work well.

When I resumed my normal program this week, I easily broke my 14km course record yesterday, running it in 1:09:54, my best by over two minutes. And today I ran a little over 18km at 4:52 pace, so I am definitely getting quicker.

I need to rein myself in a bit though. I have a 20km on Saturday, and a 32km on Sunday to get through, so tomorrow's 14km will be run at easy pace instead of tempo.