Monday, July 22, 2013

Planned Races

I have pretty much settled on my race schedule for the coming 7 months. I have decided that all my future racing will be focused around a 4 Race "Summer Season", and will be planning my training accordingly.

This is partly because I prefer running in the heat, which does not seem to affect me as much as others, and partly because I am a bit soft, and have very little desire to stand on top of Mt Macedon in the middle of June at fuckthisshit o'clock!

So my schedule will be:

Yurrebilla Trail 56kmSeptember 22 (Adelaide Hills)
This should be a lot of fun. I am from Adelaide originally and I will be treating it as part race-part road trip with my 6yo son. We will stay at my parents, and there will be friends and family at the finish. Although the same distance, it looks a slower course than Two Bays, with lots of big climbs and descents. Not knowing the course means I will have to race this one smart.

30/50 Challenge 50kmNovember 16 (Rosebud to Portsea)
I was originally going to do Marysville this same weekend, however it is predominantly on the road and I prefer the trails, so chose this instead. It covers a lot of the same trail as Two Bays, and is on my home turf, so should suit. I will be nearing peak fitness by this stage hopefully.

Two Bays Trail Run 56km - January 14 (Cape Schanck-Dromana-Cape Schanck)
This is my main target, as it was my first ultra back in Jan this year, and I am hoping to significantly lower my time. Again, being close to home will be an advantage in terms of travel and sleep, and I learned some valuable lessons the first time around.

4th Race either:
Maroondah Dam 50km - mid Feb
Rollercoaster Run 44km - mid Mar
Razorback Run 58km (unlikely) - mid Mar

At this stage, I am leaning toward Maroondah Dam, although that will depend on recovery from Two Bays.

As for next year, well I'm hoping to kick off my 2014-15 summer season with my first ever 100km race - the GOW100 in October.