Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini Taper

After six 100km weeks out of the past 7, I am starting to feel a little weary, and was pretty spent at the end of a hard 40km on Sunday. The image at right shows the last 5 weeks training, with the Tue-Thu runs mostly being hard tempo hit outs, leaving me fatigued for the weekend long runs, which is the way I have planned it. The red 0's were my abductor injury.

This week I am going to have a mini-taper down to about 75km, with no long run on Sunday, and my mid-week runs will be just above easy pace instead of tempo. Following that, I will have two more hard weeks of training at 120km+, before my two week taper into the Yurrebilla 56k on September 22.

I have no idea if this mini taper fits into standard race lead up, but I can feel my body needs it, and I am hoping the freshen up will give me an idea of where I sit pace-wise on my first long run back. Constantly running on fatigued legs has made it difficult to determine what my race pace could be, and I want to go into Yurrebilla with a clear idea of how fast to start.

My brother TJ in Adelaide has offered to crew for me, which should really help. I am using drop bags for the first time, and have been worried about what will happen if the bags are not at the major aid stations when I arrive. TJ will be able to carry spare gels, etc in a backpack, which will give me a lot of peace of mind.