Monday, September 9, 2013

I'm Ready

OK, so maybe it's not the biggest hill going around, but Arthurs Seat at Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula has played a big part in getting me ready for Yurrebilla in two weeks time. And let's face it, any hill is tough if you go up it enough times.

Arthurs Seat rises about 300 metres (approx 1000 feet) above sea level and the steep trail that runs to the summit, and then over the back, forms part of the Two Bays 56k Trail Run, which was my first ultra back in January.

For the past two Sundays, I have used a section of the course as my training ground, running up the summit and then descending down the other side to Waterfall Gully Rd, which is about 7km, and then back again. I do this 3 times. This has given me a 43km long run with approx 1700m (5600 feet) vertical gain. It has followed a 25km on the Saturday, so on tiredish legs.

The first week I did it my quads were absolutely trashed, and they were still sore 5 days later. Backing up yesterday, my legs felt very heavy from my fast mid week tempo runs, but I ended up running about 10 minutes quicker than last Sunday, finished strongly, and today my legs don't feel too bad at all.

Hopefully now, as I head in to my taper, my legs have been suitably hardened to the hills I will face at Yurrebilla. I feel very ready to take this race on, and can't wait for race day to come around!