Monday, October 21, 2013


Since the excitement of Yurrebilla a month ago, it has been difficult to recapture the intensity and focus of my training leading up to that event. My next event will be far less significant to me, and I have become a bit slack with some of my efforts.

Additionally, achilles tendinitis has returned in my left leg, something which has plagued me on and off for several years now, and has left me limping my way through my recent runs. I am gradually getting it under control through eccentric heel drop exercises, while as my training load ramps up again, it tends to lessen as well.

Overall I have felt a little unmotivated, injured, and just not on my game. Things turned around for me a little on Friday night, when a went for an epic 43km run in which I covered sandy single track, beach sections, some rocky technical trail, stairs, and some fire trail. There were lots of climbs to stretch out the achilles, and the beautiful evening and setting sun had me finishing very tired but happy.

On Saturday Allie and attended the Caulfield Cup, which was great fun, but basically put me out of action for two days, as our absence meant spending some time with the kids was the priority on Sunday. I was still able to rack up a 92km week though, but it's time to get serious again if I want to perform well in the 30/50 Challenge on November 16.

Me and Allie at the Caulfield Cup

So no more slacking off! 124km are booked in for this week, including some punishment at Arthurs Seat on Sunday, when I will revisit the training run that prepared me so well for Yurrebilla.